Discover an extensive selection of hardware and software solutions, including our proprietary Saflec Access Control System (SACS) software, door controllers, readers, expansion boards, and accessories. With our cutting-edge technology and advanced solutions, you can ensure maximum security and control over your premises. Browse our product range below to learn more about our offerings.

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Our extensive range of high-quality hardware includes Ethernet Door Controllers, Expansion Boards, Proximity Card Readers, Smart Card Readers and Biometric Readers, all built to withstand the rigorous demands of an “always-on” access control system.


Since its initial release in 2004, our exteremely powerful and user-friendly Saflec Access Control System (SACS) has garnered praise from both our clients and installers. Over the years, we have continued to enhance our software solution by incorporating additional features that cater to diverse applications and industries. 

Proximity & Smart Cards

At Saflec Systems, we provide a diverse range of security, access, technology, and HID programmable cards. As an HID partner in South Africa, we are proud to offer our customers access to high-quality HID products and services.

ID Card Printers

At Saflec Systems, we offer a selection of premium ID Card Printers from renowned brands such as HID Fargo, Datacard, and Magicard. Our range of high-caliber printers is designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients and deliver exceptional print quality for a range of applications.

Card Printing Accessories

Saflec Systems provides an extensive range of card accessories, including lanyards, card holders, pouches, and promotional items, designed to protect and display your ID cards. Our selection of accessories is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.