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Wiegand Door Controller (up to 8 Doors)

Product Code: SDC-620

This controller serves as the successor to the legacy SDC-520 controller, introducing a range of cutting-edge design features and enhanced functionality. Key highlights include the integration of Micro SD for expanded capacities, an OLED control module for seamless setup and local diagnostics, and compatibility with OSDP secure channels.

Key Features

  • RMultiple Door control unit (2 doors onboard)
  • RExpansion Header Module (for I/O Expansion)
  • R1 000 000 cards
  • R6.5 Million offline transactions
  • ROn-board TCP/IP communications
  • RComplete intelligent offline operation
  • RMains monitoring with a battery charging circuit
  • RLow voltage cutoff to prevent battery draining
  • R2 onboard Wiegand interface connections
  • R4 programmable digital inputs
  • R2 relay outputs (powered or potential-free)
  • RCan connect up to 15 Controllers on RS-485
  • R5A 15V DC power supply
  • RBattery backup (7Ah battery included)
  • RRS-485 communications for additional readers
  • RNetwork-capable remote firmware upgrades
  • RSecure enclosure designed for easy installation
  • R3.25 Miliion offline system logs
  • RPushbutton or egress override support
  • R256 powerful offline event/action combinations
  • RDiagnostic LEDs for easy testing
  • RIndependent dedicated tamper and fire inputs
  • RRobust isolated RS-485 controller network
  • RRS-485 reader network (16 terminals)

About the product

The SDC-620 is an intelligent Ethernet (TCP/IP) system controller designed to enhance access control capabilities. Equipped with two (2) relay outputs (potential-free contact/powered output) and four (4) programmable digital inputs, it is capable of efficiently managing two full normal doors, one bi-directional turnstile, or one booth/mantrap. With the option to integrate Remote IO boards, this versatile unit can be expanded to control up to eight (8) doors per controller.

Noteworthy features include two (2) Wiegand interface connections onboard and a robust isolated multi-drop RS-485 terminal network connection that can facilitate up to sixteen (16) terminals. The SDC-620 allows for further expansion by adding Remote I/O units to either control additional doors (up to a maximum of eight (8) doors per controller) or to provide extra I/O points for managing other devices in remote locations.

Beyond its standalone capabilities, the SDC-620 can be seamlessly networked with other SDC-620, SDC-650, or SDC-320 controllers to establish a fully controllable networked access system, using a robust isolated multi-drop RS-485 controller network that is protected against electrical spikes of up to 2.4kV.  This provides centralized control over configuration, user access rights, and event reporting. Each controller operates independently, capable of making decisions and storing events even if communication with the SACS Server is interrupted. Automatic event uploads to the central server resume once communication is re-established.

The unit comes complete with a 15Vdc 5A power supply, boasting a 7Ah battery backup, all enclosed within a secure casing featuring a lockable door.

The SDC-620 is available as a complete unit in a lockable cabinet with a power supply and battery. Alternatively, the controller can be supplied as a standalone PCB for flexible deployment options.


The SDC-620 Controller is thoughtfully designed to prioritize user-friendliness and flexibility, offering a comprehensive and streamlined access control solution for your convenience.

The controller cabinet is fitted with a comprehensive connection diagram on the inside of the cabinet door, providing clear and concise guidance on reader, input, and output connections. A Quickstart Guide is also provided with the unit.

The dual-mode relays can be set as powered outputs or potential-free relays (using the indicated jumpers), for you to easily switch any lock or electrical device, ensuring maximum control and flexibility over your access control infrastructure.

Communication with the SACS Server is seamless, facilitated by the standard TCP/IP protocol over a LAN/WAN through the onboard RJ45 connector. The unit offers the flexibility to use a DHCP-assigned IP address or opt for a fixed/static IP address (recommended). Initial IP address settings can be easily configured via the onboard OLED Display on the controller. Once communication is established, managing access control configurations for doors, readers, and more becomes effortless using the intuitive SACS Software.

For a trouble-free installation experience, diagnostic LEDs are strategically placed close to their relevant terminals, providing valuable support and guidance. End-of-line resistors can be effortlessly integrated into the circuit using the indicated jumpers, eliminating the need for external terminating resistors.


Any changes made at the PC are immediately communicated and stored at the controller. When a user presents their card to the reader, the controller identifies them and permits or denies access as appropriate.

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