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Warranty Policy

Saflec Systems Warranty Policy delineates the terms governing warranties for all products sold by Saflec Systems and/or its subsidiaries. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing, product sales are conducted in accordance with the Saflec Systems General Terms and Conditions of Sale, accessible on our official website www.saflecsystems.co.za at General Terms and Conditions of Sale Link. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale is hereby incorporated by reference into this Warranty Policy.

This Warranty Policy is exclusively applicable to customers who directly purchase Saflec Systems’ products. Any specific warranties applicable to purchasers obtaining Saflec Systems’ products indirectly (e.g., installers and/or end-users) shall be explicitly outlined in this document.

The Saflec Systems Warranty Policy is subject to South African law, governing all aspects of its interpretation and enforcement.

Saflec Systems reserves the right to modify this Warranty Policy periodically. Any such modification shall be deemed accepted upon the customer’s receipt of written notice, including printable email communication and website publications. Unless the customer raises a written objection, including printable email communication, within six (6) weeks of receiving such notice, the modifications will be considered approved. Saflec Systems will provide details of the effects of the amendment in the notice. The amended terms will take effect upon being regarded as approved, applying thereafter to all orders received from the customer.

This statement serves as an integral part of the agreement between Saflec Systems and its customers, ensuring transparency and adherence to established policies.



General Warranty

Saflec Systems warrants its hardware and software products to be free from defects in materials and assembly starting from the delivery date by Saflec Systems to the customer, named the warranty starting date, for the period of time specified in Annex 1 or other Saflec Systems documentation associated with the product. Absent a specified warranty period of greater duration, Saflec Systems warrants its hardware and software products to be free from defects in materials and assembly for a period of three (3) years from the warranty starting date.

Hardware Warranty

Unless otherwise stated in this Warranty Policy, Saflec Systems warrants that the hardware products (including the firmware) will be free from material defects in workmanship and material and will be compliant with the applicable documentation in effect as of the date of manufacture for a period of three (3) years from the warranty starting date.

Saflec Systems expressly disclaims any responsibility for the installation or connection of its products. Given that our products may interface with components not manufactured by Saflec Systems, this warranty explicitly excludes any assurances regarding the comprehensive performance of the overall security system, inclusive of the Saflec Systems product.

This disclaimer serves as notice that the warranty provided by Saflec Systems is limited to the specific attributes and functionality inherent to Saflec Systems’ individual products. Any integration, connection, or interaction with external components, devices, or systems is outside the scope of this warranty.

The Company shall not be held liable for any implications arising from the integration of Saflec Systems’ products with non-Saflec Systems components or any resultant impact on the overall performance of the security system.

This warranty disclaimer is a fundamental component of the terms and conditions governing the use and warranty of Saflec Systems’ products. Users are encouraged to carefully review the full warranty policy for comprehensive understanding.

End user limited warranty for software products

The applicable warranty period for software products starts from the earlier of the date the software product is delivered or is made available to the end user – known as the software warranty starting date. The following warranties are provided solely for the benefit of the end user and shall be transferred by the customer to the end user if the software was originally purchased by customer for resale.

Saflec Systems warrants that the encoding of the software program on the media on which the software product is furnished will be free from defects in workmanship and material, and that the software shall conform to its user manual, as it exists at the date of delivery (end user software warranty starting date), for a period of ninety (90) days.

Saflec Systems warrants the product if the software is properly used by the end user in accordance with such documentation and the end user license agreement applicable to the software. The end user is solely responsible for adequate protection and backup of the equipment and data used in connection with the software.

The foregoing warranty shall not apply to any problem with the software that is caused by

  • the software use in an inappropriate environment (other than that approved by Saflec Systems or its user manual),
  • the software has not been installed, operated, repaired or maintained in accordance with Saflec Systems instructions,
  • the software has been altered by the end user and/or customer, end user’s failure to implement all software patches, updates or releases provided by Saflec Systems.

This software warranty shall apply only to software products that are provided and licensed separately from hardware products, unless otherwise provided in writing by Saflec Systems. For controller, reader, expansion boards and converter board firmware, the customer warranty applicable to the hardware product shall be the only warranty for the product, and there will be no separate software warranty for the end user.



Herein are the customer’s sole and exclusive remedies for product warranty claims pursuant to this Warranty Policy:

Door Controllers, RFID card readers, Expansion & Converter Boards

For all the Door Controllers, RFID card readers, Expansion Boards and Converter Boards that fail warranty, Saflec Systems, at its sole discretion, will either repair the product or replace it with a new or refurbished product (replacement product being an identical model or functional equivalent) or provide to the customer a credit towards future purchase from Saflec Systems in the price amount paid by the customer for the product (excluding taxes and levies).


For all the credentials such as cards, key fobs, wristbands, and tags that fail warranty, Saflec Systems provide a credit towards customer’s future purchase of product from Saflec Systems in the amount of the price paid by customer (excluding taxes and levies) for such credentials. The warranty shall not apply to damage that is not directly attributable to normal conditions of operation, such as abnormal impacts, wrong usage, or modifications that are not approved or not performed by Saflec Systems.


For all other products that fail warranty, Saflec Systems will, at its sole option, either repair the product; replace the product with a new or refurbished product (replacement product being of identical model or functional equivalent); or provide a credit towards customer’s future purchase of product from Saflec Systems in the amount of the price (excluding taxes and levies) paid by customer for the product.


Any product that has either been repaired or replaced under this Warranty Policy shall have warranty coverage for the longer of ninety (90) days or the remaining original warranty period. Replacement parts used in the repair of hardware may be new or equivalent to new. After the applicable Warranty Period has expired, any repair, replacement or workaround services provided by Saflec Systems will be at Saflec Systems’ most recent standard service rates.



To return a product that has failed warranty to Saflec Systems, the customer must respect the following process:

Inform Saflec Systems Technical Support of the warranty-return product.

Provide Saflec Systems Technical Support important information.
The customer must provide, as specified in the associated product documentation, with the following:

  • the product model number and serial number,
  • an accurate description of the claimed product defect.

Return the product to Saflec Systems
The customer must return the product to Saflec Systems Repair Centre clearly indicating the customer’s name, contact & address details on the package and a description of the fault.

Caution: any package returned to Saflec Systems with incomplete details (Customer’s name, contact details, address details, etc.) will not be processed. The Product must be returned to Saflec Systems in a testable condition (without physical damages) and in the original packaging, otherwise the warranty is invalidated.

Saflec Systems evaluates the product
Upon Saflec Systems’ receipt of the warranty-return product from the customer, Saflec Systems will evaluate the product to determine if it is covered under Saflec Systems’ warranty. If Saflec Systems determines the product is covered under its warranty, Saflec Systems will take the corrective warranty action described in this Warranty Policy, depending on the kind of product. The customer agrees to pay Saflec Systems the minimum per unit service fee (excl. VAT) and transportation costs for all other products evaluated by Saflec Systems and determined not to be defective or covered by warranty. Contact your Saflec Systems sales representative or technical support for applicable rates and charges.



Evaluation of out of warranty products
Upon request, Saflec Systems may evaluate products which are not under warranty. If Saflec Systems agrees to perform an evaluation, the minimum per unit service fee (excl. VAT) and transportation costs will be applied to each evaluated product. Contact your Saflec Systems sales representative or technical support for applicable rates and charges.

Non-warranty repair charges
Saflec Systems may agree to repair some products which are out of warranty. Contact your Saflec Systems sales representative or technical support for applicable rates and charges.



Saflec Systems provides the below non-exhaustive listing of items excluded from warranty coverage:

  • any damages to the product caused by neglect, accident, abuse, misuse, corrosion, improper handling, poor storage conditions, unsuitable assembly, poor maintenance, unsuitable repair or intervention, preparation, installation of the product.
  • any damages to the product caused by problems with electrical power, lightning and/or electrical surge damage.
  • any damages to the product caused by servicing that is not authorized by Saflec Systems.
  • any damages to the product caused by usage that is not in accordance with the product instructions.
  • any damages to the product caused by failure to follow the product operating and/or installation instructions.
  • failure to perform preventative maintenance.
  • problems caused by using accessories, parts, or components not supplied by Saflec Systems,
  • products with missing or altered serial numbers.
  • any product which has undergone even the slightest modification or change without Saflec Systems approval.
  • any product or its components considered as consumables such as lights or batteries, for instance.
  • any call-out and installation fees (for assembly and dismantling) as well as transport costs (to and from the repair centre) and maintenance fees.
  • any free product which has been used for demonstration or display.
  • Non-Saflec Systems branded products and/or Third-Party Vendor products and accessories. For products that incorporate or include components, parts, or software provided by third-party vendors (“Third-Party Products”), the warranty for such products is the sole responsibility of the respective vendor or manufacturer. Saflec Systems does not provide any warranty for Third-Party Products, and any claims related to the warranty of Third-Party Products must be directed to the relevant vendor or manufacturer. Customers are encouraged to review the warranty terms provided by the vendors or manufacturers of Third-Party Products. This information is typically included in the documentation accompanying the Third-Party Products or can be obtained directly from the vendor or manufacturer.

The Saflec Systems warranty does not cover any incidental, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to economic loss, lost profits, or lost earnings.



This warranty policy sets for the full extent of Saflec Systems’ warranty responsibility. Repair, replacement or credit in the purchase price amount paid for the applicable defective product, at Saflec Systems’ sole option as indicated in this document, is customer’s exclusive remedy. This warranty is provided in lieu of all other express, implied and statutory warranties. All other warranties, express, implied or statutory, including without limitation implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of third-party rights, are specifically excluded.

To the extent the foregoing disclaimers are not permitted by applicable law, any implied warranty, including any implied warranty of merchantability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, is limited in duration to the applicable warranty period as provided herein.



The following Saflec Systems products offer a three (3) year Warranty Period, unless otherwise noted:

Controllers, Readers, Expansion & Converter boards:

  • SDC-XXX series of Door Controllers
  • SSR-XXX series Proximity Card Readers
  • SEB-XXX series of Expansion Boards
  • SSI-XXX series Converter Boards

The following Saflec Systems products offer a one (1) year Warranty Period, unless otherwise noted:

Cards & Tags:

  • SPC-001 – EM4102 ISO Proximity Card (32 Bit Read Only)
  • SPT-001 – EM4102 ISO Proximity Tear Drop Tag (32 Bit Read Only)
  • SPC-006 – Contactless Smart Cards (1K Memory)
  • SPC-004 – Dual 125KHx EM4102 & 13.56 KHz 1K Smart Cards
  • SPC-005 – Dual 125KHx EM4102 & 13.56 KHz 1K Smart Cards

All the other Saflec Systems products offer a One (1) Year Warranty Period.