PA (Personnel Assistant) is the user-friendly program designed to function as an after-sales package for assisting the end-user in adding tags, adjusting permissions and other simple day-to-day management of a SACS system.

The wizard driven interface can be configured to ensure that certain data fields are entered and to hide non-essential data fields to help optimise the data capturing flow. The wizard can also be configured to have different ‘templates’ which allow different wizards to be shown for different classes or functions of people.

PA contains card printing capabilities with an in-program WYSIWYG interface for the layout of each card – pictures and text can be linked to database fields. It is possible to print barcodes, pictures, text and other objects in any orientation and with many different line and fill styles to allow you to let your creativity speak! Making sure that the card looks correct is easy with an automatically updated preview of a sample card as you design and before you print. The page layout gives you the ability to design a page label layout, whereby multiple cards can be printed per page.

Key Features

  • User friendly interface
  • Highly adaptable wizard driven data capture
  • Picture capturing
  • Card design printing
  • Label printing
  • Capture ‘templates’ for different data capture flows
  • Biometrics takeon integrated

If you require any further information, please contact our sales department.