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RS-485 Proximity Card Reader with LCD Display and Keypad

Product Code: SSR-250-DKP

Key Features

  • RHigh contrast full colour display
  • RReal-time clock
  • RTouchscreen function
  • RTime and Attendance IN/OUT function
  • RKeypad with scramble feature
  • R125kHz Hitag™ 1 & Hitag™ 2, EM4102 card technologies
  • RHID iClass, Mifare, DESfire and NFC (optional)
  • RHID Twist & Go Bluetooth (Optional)

About the product

The SSR-250-DKP is a cutting-edge 320×240 Color LCD touchscreen display and proximity reader that seamlessly integrates with SDC controllers through our propriety RS-485 network. This advanced device boasts a standard frequency of 125 kHz, enabling it to read a wide range of transponder cards, including Hitag™ 1, Hitag™ 2, and HT4102. For even greater flexibility, an optional feature supporting high-frequency (13.5MHz) cards is also available.

The SSR-250-DKP is equipped with an intuitive Time and Attendance ON/OFF DUTY function, which can be optionally enforced, as well as a keypad option with a “scramblepad” feature. To ensure ease of use, this cutting-edge device is also fitted with a Piezo buzzer, which produces audible signals for successful card reads, key presses, and other critical events.


We have designed this cutting-edge reader to be seamlessly connected to our range of top-of-the-line controllers, including the SDC-650 Multiple Door Controller, the SDC-620 Wiegand Door Controller, and the SDC-320 Wiegand Two Door Controller. In addition, it can be connected to the SEB-722 remote IO expansion board


When a user presents their access card or tag at the reader, or enter thier PIN using the touchpad, the reader transmits the card, tag or PIN number to the door controller for analysis based on predetermined access rules. The controller then determines the access permission, which is subsequently conveyed to the reader. The reader, in turn, provides the appropriate feedback to the user through the use of LCD Display and Buzzer signals, reflecting the determined access permission status.

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