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SACS Connect

Product Code: SSS-350

SACS Connect is a user-friendly software solution designed for streamlined initial configuration and day-to-day maintenance of access control sites. With its innovative yet simplistic user interface, SACS Connect enables effective and efficient management and configuration of all components within the Access Control system.

Replacing our legacy SACS Corporate, Professional, and Standard Editions, SACS Connect incorporates all the powerful functionality of the previous SACS Corporate Edition. This ensures that users have access to a comprehensive range of features and capabilities for managing their access control systems.

The core software is available under a per-reader license pricing framework, thus empowering users to take full advantage of its robust capabilities and extensive functionalities, even within modest installations. This economically advantageous model minimizes overhead costs, making it an attractive solution for even the smallest scale deployments.

With SACS Connect, you can effortlessly harness the capabilities of a sophisticated access control system, empowering you to efficiently manage and maintain your site without compromising on functionality or breaking the bank.

Key Features

  • REasy user-friendly installation & setup
  • RCard holder photographs
  • RAnti-passback
  • RMultiple companies
  • RMantrap (Booth) and turnstile operation supported
  • R16 powerful schedules per controller
  • R32 public holidays integrated into schedules
  • RExtremely flexible event-based action model
  • R256 event + response combinations per controller.
  • R64 event controlled counters or timers per controller
  • RSite-based configuration and hardware filtering
  • RConfigurable extra data fields with automatic lists, dropdown lists, photographs or notes fields
  • RGraphical event and alert monitoring and control.
  • RSequencing tasks (like enforcing T&A clockings before allowing the tag holder to leave site).
  • RGroup-based random search
  • RList optimising quick filters
  • RIntegration for 3rd party biometrics devices
  • RTag holder counters for simple scripting
  • RSoftware API for online overrides or extensions
  • RCOM Plugin system for writing additional event & action handlers

About the product

SACS Connect is our advanced software package. This powerful solution utilizes Microsoft SQL Server databases and offers a range of robust features tailored for larger installations. The software boasts a user-friendly Microsoft Windows-based interface with a multiple document interface, enabling concurrent display of multiple windows.

The access log events monitor provides real-time access clockings and displays basic details of tag holders as they swipe at readers. Each clocking can be analyzed, and tag holder photos can be readily displayed. In case of any necessary changes, tag holder information can be edited directly from the monitoring list.

SACS also includes a comprehensive locations viewer, allowing you to track the zones occupied by tag holders at any given time. Moreover, it incorporates graphical site plans that can be triggered in response to events or displayed in specific areas of the screen. These vector-based plans can be interacted with, enabling actions such as opening or closing doors directly from the graphical interface.

The software empowers you to create and customize graphical objects using polygon, line, rectangle, text, and other basic graphic elements. These objects can be dynamically modified in response to events and seamlessly linked to hardware events, providing real-time system status updates.

Furthermore, SACS Connect offers a range of features including online and offline event/action combinations. This means that events like forced door openings can trigger one or more actions, such as activating a siren in a surveillance room and adjusting camera views on a multiplexer.

SACS Connect is designed to deliver comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your access control system.


Any changes made at the PC are immediately communicated and stored at the controller. When a user presents their card to the reader, the controller identifies them and permits or denies access as appropriate. The software is used to view realtime event logs, manage Tag Holders and configure the hardware.

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