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Fingerprint Enrollment Reader

Product Code: MSO 330

Key Features

  • RA versatile device to carry out both enrollment and comparison
  • RExcellent fingerprint image quality: large capture surface, FBI PIV IQS certification
  • RGuides the user and automatically controls the image quality
  • ROverall performance certified at the highest levels
  • RFake finger detection and security features
  • REnrollment, 1:1 verification and 1:N identification capabilities
  • RHigh accuracy: embedded FIPS 201 and MINEX compliant algorithms

About the product

The MSO 330 offers a hassle-free enrollment process, ensuring that individuals can easily enroll their fingerprints into the SACS system. Its user-friendly design and intuitive interface make the enrollment experience straightforward, minimizing the need for extensive training or assistance..

For enhanced security and accuracy, the MSO 330 supports the enrollment of multiple fingers per individual. This feature allows for redundancy in biometric data, reducing the risk of false rejections due to minor injuries or changes in fingerprint patterns. The device captures high-resolution fingerprint images during enrollment, ensuring that the system collects detailed and accurate biometric data. This rich dataset contributes to improved verification accuracy and reliability. During the enrollment process, users receive real-time feedback to guide them in optimizing their fingerprint placement and pressure, ensuring that the captured data is of the highest quality. This reduces the likelihood of enrollment errors and the need for re-enrollment.

Whether you need to enroll employees, customers, or citizens, the MSO 330 offers a customizable and efficient solution to meet your specific needs while ensuring the highest level of data security and privacy compliance.


The MSO 330 seamlessly integrates with our SACS system, making it easy to enroll individuals into our database without significant disruption to your current processes.

Simply plug the device into an available USB port and install the necessary device drivers for the MSO 330. These drivers facilitate communication between the sensor and our SACS software application.


When users are enrolled onto the system, their fingerprint templates are stored on the system. These fingerprint templates are linked to the Tag Holders for use during the access control process at fingerprint readers linked to the system.

MSO-330 Series Enrollment Reader Brochure View


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