Saflec Systems offers high-quality access control and security solutions tailored to your specific needs, including Ethernet door controllers, Proximity Card readers, Biometric Readers and Mobile ID® Readers. Our hardware is built to withstand the demands of a 24/7 security system. Our expert sales team can help you design a solution that fits your budget. Contact us today to learn more.

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Saflec Systems carries a full range of OSDP and Wiegand Ethernet door controllers. Our controllers are fully intelligent and operate completely offline. Each controller is equipped with local inputs & output and can be expanded with additional I/O modules. No matter what your requirements are, our controllers offer you a powerful and flexible solution.


Access control systems rely on a variety of technologies to ensure the safety and security of your premises, and among the most crucial of these are Proximity Card readers, Biometric readers, and Mobile ID® readers. At Saflec Systems, we offer an extensive range of both proprietary and third-party readers to meet the unique requirements of your access control system.

Expansion Boards

To enhance the capabilities of your existing door controllers and expand your access control security system, Saflec Systems offers a range of expansion boards. These boards provide a variety of features that enable you to increase the functionality of your access control system. With our expansion boards, you can seamlessly enhance your security infrastructure and enjoy a more comprehensive and effective system.

Data Converters

 We offer converter boards that seamlessly integrate third-party devices, such as Smart Card, Biometric & Mobile ID readers, into our access control system. Our converter boards provide a reliable and efficient solution to help you optimize your access control system’s performance. With our converter boards, you can easily integrate new devices into your system and enjoy enhanced functionality, ensuring maximum security for your premises.

Hardware Accessories

Saflec Systems provides a range of additional button transmitters, switching power supplies and batteries to complement your access control system. If you require any specific components that you cannot find in our selection, our sales department can assist you in finding the right solution for your needs. Contact us today.