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Take-on Reader (USB)

Product Code: SSR-221

This is a proximity reader that connects to the PC using a USB data cable. It simulates a keyboard so that a tag presented at the reader will ‘type’ the number into whatever application is currently open

Key Features

  • RUSB data cable
  • RHigh-bright, tri-colour LED
  • RIndustry standard 125khz operational frequency
  • RReads Hitag™ 1 & Hitag™ 2, EM4102 card technologies
  • RWeather resistant housing (IP54 rating)
  • ROptional bitmasking for limiting card number length to 16, 24 or 32 bits

About the product

The SSR-221 Take-On Reader is designed with advanced technology to work just like a keyboard, making it easy to input data into any open application on your computer – it’s as simple as presenting a card or tag to the reader.

The reader can read various types of transponder cards, including Hitag™ 1, Hitag™ 2, and EM4102, all at the industry-standard frequency of 125kHz. It can also read various card bit lengths and can be configured to read the specific bit lengths required for your application.

When it’s not in use, a blue LED light lets you know it’s ready, and a green LED indicates a successful card read. For an audible confirmation, we’ve added a Piezo buzzer that beeps when a card is read accurately.

In addition to its standard card enrolment, the SSR-221 is also available as an SSR-225 model with CDC firmware for virtual COM port communication, catering to applications that require it.

It’s the perfect solution for simplifying data input in a wide range of applications.


The reader is specially designed to be used with our Saflec Access Control Software (SACS), but it is also compatible with any application that accepts keyboard input.

The SSR-221 comes with a splash-proof back cover and can be mounted in any way you like using the screw holes or just placed on your desk.


When the user presents a card at the reader, the card number is allocated to the user and saved in the SACS database.

SSR-221 Take-On Reader Brochure View


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