Saflec Time is a new addition to our product range. It’s a user friendly application that makes managing Time & Attendance simple and easy.

Saflec Time integrates directly with SACS which means data is shared eliminating duplicate data capturing as well as utilising T&A flagged entries already contained in the SACS access log database.

Future development includes a stand-alone version and 3rd party T&A data importing. This will offer a cost effective alternative for single T&A point installations as well as implementing Saflec Time with existing access control systems that offer a data export facility.


  • Up to 7 user definable pay rate columns.
  • Bi-directional pay rate balancing per shift and/or work period.
  • Multiple shift setup with definable grace, leeway and overtime periods.
  • Shifts attached to flexible work cycles with shift override.
  • Manual clocking, shift and time allocation with audit trail.
  • Customisable extra data fields for report filtering eg. cost-centre allocation.
  • Bulk actions for easy manipulation of work cycles, clockings etc.
  • Extensive ‘at a glance’ reporting functions.
  • Flexible export to virtually any payroll package.
  • Saflec Systems has entered into a partner referral agreement with Sage VIP in order to provide a seamless solution. Click the icon below to visit their referral page.

If you require any further information, please contact our sales department.