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Saflec Systems leads the way in providing innovative access security control solutions. Over the years we’ve expanded our range to include hardware and software solutions, access card readers, controllers, and most recently, a wide range of ID card printers and consumables. We have further extended our range with various non-contact biometric devices like facial recognition and hand 'wave' technology.

By partnering with third-party solution providers such as HID, Hikvision, Virdi, Suprema and Morpho, we are able to provide you with a flexible, cost-effective security and identification solution. Some of our most popular services and products include:

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Contactless solutions

In these uncertain times with diseases on the rise, people are worried about using biometric devices that require touching. Businesses are making changes to their processes and equipment to decrease the risks from contact with devices that could spread infections.

Various contactless solutions which you might want to implement:

  • The MorphoWave from Idemia scanner. This is a great solution because you still have the security of biometrics without the touch. It is also already 100% integrated into our SACS software.
  • We have integrated our SACS software with the following facial recognition scanners:
    • AC-7000 Virdi face reader (No mask / temperature detection).
    • Hikvision MinMoe face recognition terminals, specifically the DS-K1T671Tm-3XF which includes automatic temperature sensing and mask detection.
    • Morpho VisionPass facial recognition terminal.
  • We have done the preliminary work on integration with the EF45 Iris scanner.
  • Revert to proximity card readers, requiring biometrics only on Time and Attendance locations. If you have our software and biometrics readers that support card + fingerprint we can assist you to convert them to card only over this period as an interim measure.
  • Some fingerprint readers can work with UV sanitising, like the Steri-C unit.
  • If there is no budget for major changes it might be that the only real solution would be a cleaning station for use before and after using the biometric device. If this is the option that your business opts for, then please ensure that you use a disinfectant that is SANS 53727/53624/51276/51650 standards compliant. Ideco sells a disinfectant that meets these standards.

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