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Saflec Systems is a leading provider of innovative access control solutions. Our cutting-edge product range comprises hardware and software that offers robust, efficient, flexible, and dependable access control solutions to meet diverse requirements. We design and manufacture an extensive selection of access card readers, door controllers, expansion boards, and software products that can address even the most complex solutions.

SACS Connect is now available!

All previous versions of SACS (Standard, Professional, and Corporate) have been consolidated into a single version called SACS Connect. This version encompasses all features. functionalities and capabilities of the former SACS Corporate Edition and is now available at “no charge”.

Instead of investing in a premium software package, you can now acquire reader licenses tailored to the specific number of readers you need. This innovative approach offers a cost-effective solution for small and medium installations, eliminating the need for a premium package while ensuring access to all the available functionalities it provides.

Why Access Control?

Physical access control systems are crucial for security, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry to buildings and sensitive areas, preventing theft and other criminal activities that could cause harm to people and financial losses. These systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations, such as small businesses, government institutions, or large corporations, offering benefits such as employee and customer protection, prevention of unauthorized access to sensitive information and assets, and reduced liability risks.

Investing in a Saflec Access Control System can help improve an organization’s security and safeguard its assets.

Microsoft Certified Partner

When searching for a reliable business partner, it is crucial to opt for the best in the field. This is why Saflec Systems proudly holds the distinction of being a registered Microsoft Silver Partner.

Microsoft exclusively collaborates with IT companies that possess an unwavering commitment to providing continuous, proven expertise and delivering high-quality solutions to their clients. Being an official Microsoft Silver Partner, Saflec Systems’ superior products offer peace of mind, assuring you of top-notch services.

Integrated Solutions

Through partnerships with renowned third-party solution providers such as Idemia, Hikvision, HID, STiD, Virdi, Suprema, Salto, and Assa Abloy, we can offer you adaptable and cost-effective security and identification solutions. Our roster of integration partners and products encompasses:

  • Morpho Sigma and legacy fingerprint readers
  • Morpho ‘Wave’ & facial scanners
  • Hikvision facial scanners
  • STid Mobile Credential Readers
  • Virdi fingerprint & facial scanners
  • Suprema fingerprint readers
  • Salto & Assa Abloy Locks
  • HID Smartcard Readers
  • and many more.

Proven in all major industries

We have successfully implemented comprehensive access control solutions in various sectors such as:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Mining & Industrial
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Technology & Communication
  • Banking, Insurance & HRM
  • Medical & Cosmetics
  • Residential & Golf Estates
  • Country Clubs & Lodges

What is OSDP?

OSDP, or Open Supervised Device Protocol, is a communication protocol used in the security industry to enable communication between access control devices, such as card readers, and control panels.

It is an open standard protocol that offers improved security and interoperability compared to older, proprietary protocols like Wiegand. OSDP provides encryption and authentication of communications between devices, enabling more advanced features like two-way communication, which allows for additional information and control in the access control system. Additionally, OSDP is designed to be interoperable between devices from different manufacturers, providing greater flexibility and choice in building an access control system.



At Saflec Systems, we offer tailored solutions to meet your unique access control and security requirements.

Our extensive range of high-quality hardware includes Ethernet Door Controllers, Expansion Boards, Proximity Card Readers, Smart Card Readers and Biometric Readers, all built to withstand the rigorous demands of an “always-on” access control system.


Since its initial release in 2004, our Saflec Access Control System (SACS) has garnered praise from both our clients and installers. Over the years, we have continued to enhance our software solution by incorporating additional features that cater to diverse applications and industries.

Visit our products page to learn more about our software solutions on offer…

Proximity & Smart Cards

At Saflec Systems, we provide a diverse range of security, access, technology, and HID programmable cards. As an HID partner in South Africa, we are proud to offer our customers access to high-quality HID products and services.

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ID Card Printers

At Saflec Systems, we offer a selection of premium ID Card Printers from renowned brands such as HID Fargo, Datacard, and Magicard.

Our range of high-caliber printers is designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients and deliver exceptional print quality for a range of applications.

Card Printing Accessories

Saflec Systems provides an extensive range of card accessories, including lanyards, card holders, pouches, and promotional items, designed to protect and display your ID cards.

Our selection of accessories is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

News & Articles

News and updates from the leaders in Access Control

SACS Connect is now available!

All previous versions of SACS, including Standard, Professional, and Corporate, have been consolidated into a single version called SACS Connect. This version encompasses all features. functionalities and capabilities of the former SACS Corporate Edition.

SACS Connect is available at “no charge”; however, reader licenses are required for adding readers to the system. This approach provides cost-effective solutions for small and medium installations, allowing clients to purchase reader licenses only for the required number of readers.

Seamless Upgrade to SACS Connect

Existing users of SACS Version 3 Editions can effortlessly be converted to SACS Connect via our cloud License Server. SACS Standard Edition and Professional Edition software can be converted to SACS Connect, enabling “per reader” licensing for additional readers.

This flexibility is particularly advantageous for sites that have reached the maximum door limit (Standard Edition=8 x Doors and Professional Edition=12 Doors), enabling them to expand the system without upgrading to Corporate Edition. SACS Connect allows sites to be converted, and reader licenses can be acquired for the precise number of readers needed.


Contactless Hygienic Security Solutions

Saflec Systems offers innovative security solutions to the South African market, including contactless, biometric, and facial recognition software that integrates with our custom-developed SACS (Saflec Access Control System). As we adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, these integrated systems promote social distancing and hygiene, ensuring a safer environment for you and your staff. Mitigate the spread of harmful pathogens and stay ahead of the trend towards touchless technology. Prepare for the changing world with Saflec Systems.

MorphoWave Compact by Idemia

MorphoWave™ Compact by IDEMIA is the ultimate solution for frictionless biometric access control. As the newest addition to IDEMIA’s range of readers, it features the same award-winning, field-proven performance of MorphoWave™ contactless 3D fingerprint technology. The stylish and compact wall-mounted device can be installed in any location, making it a versatile and powerful security solution. Protect your assets with MorphoWave™ Compact and ensure secure access control in any environment.

How can biometrics secure a return on investment?

Outdated management or access control systems can potentially jeopardize the security of businesses. Biometric systems are often considered as a viable solution; however, their perceived cost can act as a deterrent. At Saflec Systems, we firmly believe that embracing biometric solutions is a worthwhile investment that can yield significant financial savings and deliver an impressive Return on Investment (ROI). Rather than allowing the initial cost to dissuade you, we urge you to explore the numerous ways in which biometrics can not only enhance security but also generate cost efficiencies for your business.

The Importance and Benefits of Biometric Readers

In a world that is constantly evolving and expanding, it is crucial to ensure the safety and security of people and property. As technology becomes more prevalent, it is important to adapt and protect ourselves with proper technological equipment. Biometric authentication, through the use of a biometric reader, allows for the automatic identification of individuals by reading their unique physiological and behavioral characteristics, such as irises, fingerprints, and gaits. At Saflec Systems, we believe that investing in biometric solutions is the key to ensuring security in today’s technology-driven world.

The Importance of access control

In a society dominated by crime, at home or at business, it has never been more important to implement measures to secure the safety of valuable belongings and loved ones. It can be argued that the simple lock and key is no longer equipped to provide this vital security. Access control is an updated and effective method of ensuring that access to a business system, certain areas of a premises or physical and virtual resources are restricted, either by an authority or a business.

Advantages of OSDP

The Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is a communication standard and device-to-controller protocol.

Apart from the quality interoperability that OSDP provides, OSPD has superseded the Wiegand technology and standard. Although Wiegand has served companies well in the past, it is no longer able to provide as effectively for those companies that require highly operable, secure access control systems.Moreover, OSDP has proved to have quality, highly regarded advantages that put OSDP above Wiegand.

Integration is the key

Through our partnerships with leading third-party solution providers, including Idemia, HID, Hikvision, STid, Virdi, and Suprema, Saflec Systems is equipped to deliver a versatile and cost-effective security and identification solution.

By leveraging our integrated SACS software, we can seamlessly incorporate native interfaces with biometric and other specialized products from our partners, providing our clients with a comprehensive and integrated solution that meets their specific needs.

See a list of some of our reference sites

We invite you to browse our extensive list of reference sites where our SACS systems have been operating successfully for many years. The majority of these systems have been in place since the early 90s and have earned the trust of our end-users who have complete confidence in the reliability, flexibility, integrability, and robust nature of our hardware devices. We take great pride in the long-standing relationships we have established with our clients, and we are committed to providing them with cutting-edge technology and outstanding service.

About us

Saflec Systems is a trusted industry player in the access control security field, with a proven track record of delivering reliable and innovative hardware and software solutions. Our products are designed and manufactured in South Africa by a team of highly skilled developers who possess decades of experience in access control technology.

As a member of the Saflec Group of companies, we work closely with our sister company Saflec, which specializes in metal detection techniques and equipment. To learn more about Saflec and their products and services, please visit

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