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VisionPass Facial Recognition Reader

Product Code: VisionPass MD

Key Features

  • RFully handsfree near-motion verification, up to 40,000 users
  • REfficient in all light conditions
  • RSuccessfully defeats fraud attempts by photo presentation or 3D molded masks
  • RSuccessful facial recognition with masks and optional mask control
  • RMulti-factor authentication capability with built-in RFID & BLE readers
  • RReads contactless cards, mobile and QR codes credentials
  • RWide angle capture for a fully frictionless user experience

About the product

The VisionPass Facial Recognition Reader is an advanced facial recognition and biometric access control solution designed to enhance security and streamline identity verification processes in various applications.

The VisionPass primarily relies on facial recognition technology for identity verification. It captures and analyzes facial features to authenticate individuals. VisionPass uses 3D facial recognition, which offers greater accuracy and security compared to 2D facial recognition. This technology creates a three-dimensional map of an individual’s face, making it more resistant to spoofing attempts with photos or videos.

It is designed for high throughput scenarios, making it suitable for access control in environments where rapid identity verification is required, such as airports, office buildings, and secure facilities. The system offers contactless authentication, which is particularly important in the context of minimizing physical touchpoints, especially in post-pandemic environments.

Some versions of the VisionPass may offer multi-modal biometric capabilities, combining facial recognition with other biometric factors like fingerprint recognition or iris scanning for enhanced security.


The VisionPass Facial Recognition reader can be seamlessly connected to our range of top-of-the-line controllers, including the SDC-650 Multiple Door Controller (via OSDP), the SDC-620 Wiegand Door Controller (via Wiegand/OSDP), and the SDC-320 Wiegand Two Door Controller (via Wiegand). In addition, it can be connected to the SEB-722 remote IO expansion board (via Wiegand). 

Each reader must be connected to the network (Ethernet) to allow for template management (fingerprint enrolment, editing and removal) using our native SACS interface.


When a user presents their face at the reader, the reader transmits the corresponding user identifier number to the door controller for analysis, based on predetermined access rules. The controller then determines the access permission, which is subsequently conveyed to the reader. The reader, in turn, provides the appropriate feedback to the user through the use of its touchscreen display and buzzer signals, reflecting the determined access permission status.

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