Contactless Hygienic Security Solutions

Contactless Hygienic Security Solutions

Saflec Systems leads the way in providing security solutions to the South African market, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no different. With the emphasis on social distancing and hygiene, we have contactless, biometric and facial recognition software that can easily integrate with our custom-developed software, SACS (Saflec Access Control System). Using these integrated systems, you can create a more hygienic environment for you and your staff with many benefits while you ensure a contactless environment that will mitigate the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens. Get ahead of the trend towards touchless technology and prepare for the changing world that will surely emerge from this worldwide pandemic.

Here are a few solutions that could assist.

The MorphoWave from Idemia

This touchless scanner comes in two forms – the Desktop and the Compact Tower. The technology uses a reliable fingerprint capture with a patented, touchless 3D acquisition solution, so it’s perfect for high traffic areas, as it is quick, efficient and has the highest level of accuracy. It scans and processes four fingerprints simultaneously, with one quick hand movement over the large contactless scanning surface.

This solution is perfect for medium to large enterprises with a large staff complement that requires quick, reliable and effective access control.

Our SACS software is 100% integrated with the system.

AC-7000 Facial Recognition Scanner

This scanner uses facial recognition as well as fingerprint recognition in one terminal. The advanced face authentication algorithm can recognize faces in various lighting conditions and can match up to 10000 face templates in 1 single second. The camera automatically detects faces, which removes the need to hunch or lower your posture to reach the camera’s field of vision.

The fingerprint technology can detect false fingerprints made from various materials including rubber, silicone and gelatin. However, this will not be touchless, so we suggest disabling this feature.

The Quadcore processor ensures that technology always responds in seconds with no delay and allows for the storage capacity of 500000 fingerprints, 10000000 event logs and 20000 image logs.

Perfect for medium to large companies and SACS is fully integrated with this tech.

Our SACS software is 100% integrated with the system.

CMITech EF-45 Iris Scanner

The EF-45 Dual Iris Recognition Scanner is first in the industry to employ face display-based subject positioning. The unique algorithm uses deep learning face detection to ensure fast and smooth operation. It has an expanded capture range of 35 to 45 cm in normal mode and all image process is done internally including extraction and matching.

This product is highly cost-effective, fast and perfect for medium to large enterprises with high traffic access control areas.

We are working on integrating this system with SACS at the moment.

We are willing and able to integrate other proven security technologies with our SACS, such as Iris Scanners and Palm vein readers. Feel free to contact us on or (011) 477-4760 to schedule an appointment for shortly after lockdown.

Should you be utilizing a SACS system with fingerprint and card readers, we are willing to assist you with reverting it to card only for the time being. This way people are able to only touch their cards which minimizes contact with the fingerprint scanner.

If there is no budget for major changes it might be that the only real solution would be a cleaning station for use before and after using the biometric device. If this is the solution that your business opts for, then please ensure that you use a disinfectant that is SANS 53727/53624/51276/51650 standards compliant. Ideco sells a disinfectant that meets these standards.

MorphoWave Compact by Idemia
– Frictionless access everywhere

MorphoWave Compact by Idemia<br>– Frictionless access everywhere
MorphoWave™ Compact by IDEMIA is the newest addition to IDEMIA’s range of readers for frictionless biometric access control. This masterpiece of engineering delivers the award-winning, field-proven performance of MorphoWave™ contactless 3D fingerprint technology in a stylish and compact wall-mounted device, suitable for any location.


Convenience & Security


Users are positively identified with a simple wave of the hand. The patented touchless sensor technology scans 4 fingers in 3D, ensuring the most accurate and reliable fingerprint matching for maximum security.


High Throughput


The reader’s high speed, touchless acquisition capability allows users to remain in motion while being identified. Faster access control and time & attendance transactions reduce overall costs and increase employee productivity.


Versatile, easy deployment


IP65 rated and PoE+ powered, the compact wall-mount reader ensures that MorphoWave™ technology can be deployed at every location. MorphoWave™ Compact is already integrated with more than 25 of the industry’s leading access control systems.


Multifactor Authentication


MorphoWave™ Compact natively supports Prox, iClass, MIFARE, DESFire cards and PIN code, in addition to biometrics. It is also capable of scanning QR codes for visitor management.


The most proven touchless fingerprint technology…


MorphoWave™ touchless 3D fingerprint technology is designed for the real world.


  • Captures and matches 4 fingers on either right or left hand, in any direction
  • Immune to environmental factors (external light, dust)
  • Copes with wet and dry fingers
  • No latent prints left on scanner
  • Mitigates hygiene concerns

The award-winning MorphoWave™ technology has become the benchmark in frictionless access, securing high traffic access points in the world’s largest financial institutions, critical infrastructure facilities, universities and healthcare organizations.

Works seamlessly with MorphoWave™ Tower


MorphoWave™ Compact represents an 86% reduction in size and 93% reduction in weight compared with MorphoWave™ Tower, making it usable at every door and not only in high traffic lobbies. The two products complement each other perfectly and work seamlessly together to secure any capacity or throughput requirements, even those of the largest global organizations.

Now available in a Compact, full-featured access & time terminal


Anti-fraud features


  • Fake finger detection
  • Timed anti-passback function – prevents repeated authorizations by the same user, within a configurable time period
  • Banned/authorized user lists
  • Tamper switches
Time & Attendance functions


  • Touchscreen time clock, featuring 16 programmable function keys
  • Access time slots and holiday scheduling
  • Real-time employee notifications
  • Job code management
Flexible architecture


  • 1:N identification or multifactor authentication with Prox, iClass, MIFARE, DESFire cards and PIN code
  • Software integration options: – Thrift commands (low protocol level) – MACI component (SDK level) – MorphoManager (application level)
For real-world deployments


  • IP65 rated design – recommendation for outdoor installation: avoid direct exposure of sensor to rain (e.g., place under a canopy)
  • Multiple interfaces including TCP/IP
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
  • Wi-Fi and 4G options
  • Ingenious, symmetrical opening mechanism enables easy wall-mounting and in-place maintenance
Technical Specifications


  • CPU: Nvidia ARM Cortex-A15 QuadCore 2.1GHz
  • 4.3” Wvga color capacitive touchscreen
  • loudspeaker & microphone Intercom function
  • Audio & video player
  • touchless fingerprint sensor Hand presence detection QR code scanning capability – Specifications available on demand
  • Contactless reader options: Prox, iClass, MIFARE/DESFire
  • Tamper switches
  • Internal storage capacity: 16GB Flash, 2GB RAM – 20,000 user records (2*4 fingers each) for 1:N identification, extendable to 40,000 with licenses(4) – 250,000 IDs in authorized user list – 1 Million transaction logs
  • Network/Communication: – Ethernet, RS485, RS422, USB(5) – Wi-Fi and 4G options
  • Inputs/outputs: Wiegand In & Out (customizable up to 512 bits), Door Relay, 3 GPI (including Door monitoring), 3 GPO
  • Power supply: 12 to 24 V DC (2.5A min @12V) Power over Ethernet with PoE+ switches
  • Operating conditions: Temperature: -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F). Humidity: 10% to 80% (non condensing)
  • Ingress protection: IP65(2)
  • hxWxd = 250*152*216 mm (9.9*6*8.5 in.)
  • Weight: 2.2 kg (4.85 lb.)
  • EMC/Safety standards: CE, CB, FCC
  • RoHS, REACh and WEEE compliant

The Importance of access control

The Importance of access control

In a society dominated by crime, at home or at business, it has never been more important to implement measures to secure the safety of valuable belongings and loved ones. It can be argued that the simple lock and key is no longer equipped to provide this vital security. Access control is an updated and effective method of ensuring that access to a business system, certain areas of a premises or physical and virtual resources are restricted, either by an authority or a business.

There are two different types of access control: physical control, which restricts access to physical things such as buildings, campuses and rooms, and logistical access, which limits access to connections such as computer connections, data and system files. There are also different types of control practices, the most secure of which entails a two-factor authentication. Firstly, credentials must be presented by the person requiring access. Thereafter, his/her identity must be corroborated. It can be done by way of an access code, a PIN or biometric reading through a biometric reader.


Understanding the importance of access control can be extended to the following reasons:


1. Intrusion Detection and Prevention


In big companies and buildings, intruders sometimes go unnoticed rather easily, especially because they can appear in all sorts of forms: staff or visitors. It is for this reason that access control systems can come to be such an advantage to companies – it doesn’t only detect intrusion, it has the ability to prevent it and track movement in a building by monitoring who has access to that building.


2. Control who has access to your building


Access control systems can be customised to each individual’s specific needs. After optimised as such, it is possible to control who uses what doors within a business, what time of the day or which day of the week the doors are used. Customising external and internal doors as such ensures that employees or visitors are only accessing doors, rooms and areas which they require and gives a business considerable regulation over the foot flow within the building. It also works well to monitor whether employees are actually present at work at all.


3. Industrial and equipment safety


Whether at home or at a business, everyone has valuable equipment and belongings that need to be kept safely. Having access control in place can ensure exactly that, as it limits who has access to those belongings, and restricts access to certain areas of a business or residence where valuables are stored.
To companies that work with hazardous equipment, access control is crucial, since industrial accidents should be avoided at all cost. A system is required which effectively ensures that unwanted and unauthorised personnel do not have access to the premises.


4. Deterrence of Criminal Activity and Protection from theft


As a company or building owner, one is faced with the continuous struggle concerning crime. This includes vandalism, theft, burglary, and even arson – all which can be averted using the proper precautionary methods. With an access control system, it is possible to monitor who has access to a business and which areas they have access to.. Such a system can also effectively detect and prevent criminal activity. CCTV cameras can be installed, any high risk or stock areas can be restricted to authorised personnel only using the two-factor authentication control system.


5. Protection of staff


With the knowledge and control of who has access to a building, when and exactly where, employers are able to increase the safety of their employees. Providing a safe working environment is vital to the continued success of any company.


6. Electronic Visitor, History Logging And Muster Reports


With access control systems in place, it is possible to log and record every time access is granted to a property. These reports can accurately detail time and place of access for reviewing purposes if necessary or required at a later stage. For security purposes, it provides the owner of the premises with peace of mind, and the company owner has an audit trail that can be accessed electronically at any time.


7. The elimination of key problems


Securing a premises with the straight forward lock and key is well, simple and sometimes even very effective. But what happens when keys are lost or the company is running on a large scale operation? The prospective cost of replacing locks or having to cut new keys can come to be rather costly. Keys can also be risky as they have the potential to be copied. None of these issues or inconveniences come to light with an access control system. It is not only modern and state of the art, but it is also considered to be the most successful, efficient and practicable security methods.


8. Reduce Energy Bills And Protect The Environment


Access control systems don’t only allow you to protect your building, your valuables and your staff, but also your environment through the reduction of energy used in companies. As it is always aware of the areas being occupied, it is able to automatically turn off unused and therefore unnecessary lightning, thereby decreasing heat and electricity bills, saving companies a lot of money.


For securing a premises, giving staff access to certain areas thereof or merely giving employees access to the building between nine and five, access control systems can do it all. It is an updated, effective and easy way of providing the best security for loved ones and precious assets. Why risk it when it can be prevented?

Congratulations to our latest batch of accredited Saflec Systems installers

Saflec Systems Trainees Michael Booyse

Last month, we hosted an Installer Training session in our brand new training room at our sales office on Ontdekkers Road. We were joined by two new trainees:

  • Michael Booyse: Infrastructure Manager for Avada Computer Technologies
  • Peter Dreyer: Service Small Works Manager for SFP Security & Fire

Our trainees spent three days wiring up a variety of products and configuring software to create a fully functioning access security control system. Our trainer course consists of three modules: Hardware Level 1 and 2, Software Level 1 and Software Level 2. Being able to simulate a live system allows them to put the theory into practice.

Students also gain insight into our proprietary access security software (SACS) and our range of locally manufactured door controllers and proximity readers.

In addition to the practical training, our students conclude their training session with a written exam. We’re thrilled to announce that both Michael and Peter passed with flying colours and were awarded certificates.

Peter Dreyer: Service Small Works Manager for SFP Security & Fire

Peter Dreyer: Service Small Works Manager for SFP Security & Fire

Michael Booyse: Infrastructure Manager for Avada Computer Technologies

Michael Booyse: Infrastructure Manager for Avada Computer Technologies

The benefits of training

Investing in your employees by offering them the opportunity to study further makes business sense. As they learn more and upgrade their skills, they add value to your company. It may take some time to see a return on your investment, but the long-term gains associated with employee training are well worth the money spent.

The cost of a short training programme is negligible when compared to the benefits of having qualified and productive staff that can help your company succeed.

Saflec Systems Refresher Course

In addition to our Installer Training programme, Saflec Systems also offers a Refresher Course. This course covers the installation and configuration of our SACS Version 3 software and a re-cap of the hardware. It is aimed at students who have completed the Installer Training programme and simply need to refresh their knowledge.

For more information on our training courses, or to check course dates and times, please email

A proudly South African Access Control Manufacturer

Saflec Systems Locally manufactured access security controllers

Get to know Saflec Systems range of locally manufactured controllers

Door controllers play an important role in any access control security solution. For schools and universities, healthcare facilities, mining and industrial sectors and banking and insurance institutions, they provide a way to manage access to sensitive areas.

How Saflec Systems door controllers work

Our hardware doesn't require any interface cards in the computers and our main communication is done on Ethernet connections. We have combined the typical topology of having a master controller and door controllers into one. That makes our controllers intelligent as decision making is done on the door controller level.

The benefits of using Saflec Systems’ door controllers

Access control information is downloaded to the controllers, making the system more reliable as it does not depend on external factors such as operating systems, computers or networks.

Every controller can be linked on an RS-485 device network that can have up to 16 controllers. RS-485 is an easy and secure way of connecting multiple controllers and allows for long cable runs.

An entire system can have many device networks, which means that the system can essentially be as large as necessary, limited only by the server and network capabilities.

A proven success

One of our larger systems to date consists of more than 200 device networks, 500 controllers and 4000 access points spread across the whole of South Africa, but centrally managed.

Discover the features and functions of our most popular controllers by clicking on the images below, or contact our sales department for more information.


SACS Version 3 Released: New software for your security system

Saflec Systems releases SACS Version 3

Saflec Systems has recently released Version 3 of our SACS Standard Edition, SACS Professional Edition, SACS Corporate Edition, SACS Client Edition, SACS Estate Assistant and SACS Personnel Assistant to the market.

All development or integration on the SACS Version 2 editions has been stopped because the SACS Version 2 editions were developed in C++ / Visual Basic and the new SACS Version 3 is developed in Dot Net. SACS Version 2 will only be supported until the end of the second quarter of 2018.

We recommend that you upgrade your software during this period. There will be a once off upgrade cost to upgrade from SACS Version 2 to SACS Version 3. The upgrade costs are listed in the latest SACS Retail Price List. All Version 2 applications that were bought in 2017 will be upgraded at no additional cost.


SACS Version 3 Added Functionalities

In addition to the new look and design, the new SACS interface is scalable which allows you to design the dialogs according to what you want to see, either on a single monitor or multiple monitors.


SACS Standard Edition Version 3

  • Improved user interface
  • Database status
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Tag holder and Vehicle management
  • Automatic database upgrade
  • User password lockout
  • Password reset instead if super user login

SACS Professional Edition Version 3

  • Improved user interface
  • Database status
  • Breathalyzer control
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Biometric User Login
  • User password lockout
  • Improved user interface
  • Tag holder and Vehicle management
  • Automatic database upgrade
  • Password reset instead if super user login
  • Improved plugin for biometric integration

SACS Corporate Edition Version 3

  • Improved user interface
  • Database status
  • Visitor / Vehicle hosting (6 Series controllers required)
  • Breathalyzer control
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Biometric User Login
  • User password lockout
  • Tag holder and Vehicle management
  • Automatic database upgrade
  • Password reset instead if super user login
  • Improved plugin for 3rd party integration

SACS Personal Assistant and SACS Estate Manager Version 3

  • Improved user interface
  • Database status
  • Tag holder and Vehicle management
  • Driver license and vehicle license management. (Separate Module for PA and EA)
  • Visitor self-help enrolment module for SACS PA whereby the visitor can either enrol their finger or receive a pin to access the premises.
  • Biometric User Login
  • User password lockout

Integration available in SACS Version 3

  • CCTV integration.
  • Fire integration
  • Intrusion integration
  • Virdi’s new “Plus” range of biometric hardware is integrated and requires the latest Virdi Plugin for SACS Version 2. The latest plugin is part of the SACS Version 3 installs.
  • Morpho’s new biometric Sigma range is also integrated and requires the latest Morpho plugin for SACS Version 2. The latest plugin is part of the SACS Version 3 installs. This plugin also requires the correct Ident and Verif licenses. Please confirm with our support department if you are not sure what licenses you require when you add new Sigma readers to your existing system. All Windows 64 bit operating systems requires the Verif license for the MSO enrolment reader. This includes SACS Version 2 and SACS Version 3 installs.
  • HID Mobile Access Portal for Mobile access control with NFC and Bluetooth technology. Employee and Visitor management options available.
  • Configurable reader protocols on controllers.
  • Salto wireless door locks

CMI (Communications Manager Interface) Version 3

  • Improved user interface
  • User login required to perform tasks
  • Controller diagnostics are not hidden
  • Single window view provides an overview of the entire system
  • Quick filtering
  • Site association

All legacy series 2 and series 5 controllers will be compatible with the new Version 3 software. Some of the new Version 3 features will not be available in the legacy 5 series controllers (EOL 2015).

Installer / Operator Refresher Courses

Did you know that we offer an Installer / Operator refresher course on a weekly basis? This will assist your staff or your client’s system administrators in getting more familiar with the new look and design. Please contact Saflec Systems on for more training information.

You can also follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more regular product updates.

Unveiling our new user-friendly website

Saflec Systems New Website Blog Post

We’re thrilled to announce that our website has been upgraded to provide you with a convenient, user-friendly way to view our products and services and get in touch with our sales team.


As a leader in the access security industry, Saflec Systems makes a point of keeping up with the latest developments in technology. The focus has always been on providing you with the best products and service.

Now, that philosophy has been applied to our website and a number of improvements have been made, including:


  • New Home Page banners

To give you a taste of all the exciting new products Saflec Systems has to offer, we replaced the banner on our Home Page.


  • User-friendly navigation

You’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for with drop down menus that display all of our products and services immediately.


  • Professional product pages

All of the products in a category are displayed with links where you can learn more about them. A handy side-bar is included to help you move seamlessly between different categories.


  • Contact details and team members

A simplified Contact Us page makes it easier for you to get in touch with Saflec Systems, whether you need a quote or directions to our offices.


Take a look at our new Meet the Team page and get to know the face behind the voice on the phone. Our staff do clean up nicely!


  • Industry and Product News

Now you’ll always be up-to-date with our new blog featuring the latest industry news and showcasing Saflec Systems latest products, promotions and training news.


Tell us what you think

Our aim with this website refresh is to provide you, our customer, with a smooth and informative online experience. You should find our new website simple and easy to use, with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your access security requirements.


The only way we’ll know if we got it right is if you tell us. Please spend some time looking around (we have some exciting new products) and let us know if you think anything could be added or improved. Send your thoughts to


Saflec Systems New Website Blog Post

Saflec Systems is branching out!

Saflec Systems New Offices in Florida Hills

Saflec Systems has come to the point that we require more room to improve upon the services that we offer to our clients and remain on our current growth trajectory.


As a result, we have found a lovely, spacious building in Florida Hills with plenty of safe parking that is easily reached from the N1 highway via either the Gordon Road, or the 14th Avenue off-ramps. Our factory will remain where it is in Industria North, however all our staff in client-facing roles have been moved to our convenient new address at 522 Ontdekkers Road, near to Flora centre.


We have already had our first hands-on experiential training session in our peaceful new training area complete with its own secure parking, and conveniently situated next to a lovely Guest house for those out-of-towners.


We hope to soon be able to invite our customers to our new demo room to see our new products in action or to consult with our access control security experts to tailor a solution that fits your security needs.

Saflec Systems New Offices in Florida Hills
Conveniently located in Florida Hills, our spacious new offices boast a training area, demo room and ample secure parking.

Saflec Systems offers 50% Discount on Training in May

50% Off all Saflec Systems Courses

For the month of May, Saflec Systems is offering an incredible 50% discount on all our training courses. This is your opportunity to become an accredited Saflec Systems Installer.


Two courses are available as follows:


Installer training


This course includes both Hardware and Software Level 1 and 2.


The Hardware Level consists of designing, installing and wiring an advanced system and running diagnostics. You’ll also learn how to wire peripherals such as electronic locks and third party biometric devices.


Software Level 1 introduces students to the installation of SACS software and basic system configuration. This is based on the SACS v3 Standard Edition software, SDC-320 system controller and proximity readers.


Software Level 2 involves installing and configuring multiple access point systems. Students will also learn how to configure advanced setups including zoning, scheduling, anti-passback and biometrics. This level is based on the SACS V3 Professional Edition.


Refresher training


This 1-day course is aimed at students who have completed installer training but would like to refresh their knowledge of the system. It covers the installation and configuration of SACS V3 and includes a recap of the hardware modules.


Fully equipped training facility


Saflec Systems boasts a fully equipped training facility on our premises which accommodates up to 5 students per course. Learning is practical and hands on as you will be able to physically wire up all the Saflec Systems Access Control products, install software packages and configure the system as if it were live.


Each session ends with a written exam. Once you have completed the training and written the exam, you will receive accreditation and a certificate from Saflec Systems.


Course dates, times and pre-requisites

Installer training takes place every Tuesday to Thursday and includes both the Hardware and Software Level 1 and 2 modules.


Refresher training is held every Monday (excluding 1 May which is Workers Day).


Courses start at 8 am and last until 4:40 pm at Saflec Systems premises in Industrial North, and lunch is provided.


Although you will need basic computer literacy, you do not require any other skills to successfully complete the course.


How to book your place


If you’re interested in becoming a certified Saflec Systems installer, or simply looking to brush up on your skills, send an email to to book your place.