SSS-310: SACS Corporate Edition

SACS is the user-friendly program designed for the initial configuration and day-to-day maintenance of a site. The interface has been made with helpful hints to guide the user throughout the setup process, and all components of the Access Control system can be managed and configured on-the-fly with the minimum of time-wastage.

The Corporate Edition is our top end software package for SACS. The software can run with Microsoft SQL server as the database backend and has several extra features that are not present on the Standard or Professional Editions that are useful in larger installations (Marked in the Key Features list by a *).

The SACS user interface is a Microsoft Windows(tm) based application with a multiple document interface, allowing several windows to be open at the same time.
The access log events monitor that shows access clockings as they occur can also show the basic details of a tag holder as they swipe at readers in the system. Each clocking can be analysed and the tag holder photo displayed, and the tag holder can be edited directly from this list should a change be necessary.

SACS includes a locations viewer that shows which zones a tag holder is in at any point in time. It also incorporates graphical site plans that can be popped up in response to an event, or shown in a specific area of the screen. These plans can also be interacted with, allowing for example a door to be opened or closed from the graphic.

The graphical pages are vector-based so they scale correctly to different screen sizes. It is possible to create your own graphical objects using polygon, line, rectangle, text and other basic graphic objects and changing them on the fly in response to events, however the package includes many commonly used graphic objects like cameras, switches, doors and lights. These objects can be easily linked to the hardware events and automatically change state to show what is happening in the system.

Other features include online and offline event/action combinations so that an event (for example a door being forced open) causes one or more actions (like setting off a siren in a surveilance room and changing camera views on a multiplexer).

Key Features

  • Easy user-friendly installation & setup.
  • Card holder photographs.
  • Anti-passback.
  • Multiple companies.
  • Mantrap (Booth) and turnstile operation supported.
  • 16 powerful schedules per controller.
  • 32 public holidays integrated into schedules.
  • Extremely flexible event-based action model.
  • 256 event + response combinations per controller.
  • 64 event controlled counters or timers per controller.
  • Configurable extra data fields with automatic lists, dropdown lists, photographs or notes fields.
  • Flexible Time Accumulation exporting.
  • Site-based configuration and hardware filtering.*
  • Graphical event and alert monitoring and control.*
  • Advanced PC-based action handling like sending custom strings to CCTV multiplexers or large LED screens.*
  • Sequencing tasks (like enforcing T&A clockings before allowing the tag holder to leave site).*
  • Group-based random search.*
  • List optimising quick filters.*
  • Tag holder counters for simple scripting.*
  • Software API for online overrides or extensions.*
  • COM Plugin system for writing additional event & action handlers.*
  • Integration for 3rd party biometrics devices.*
  • SAGEM fingerprint readers.
  • Virdi fingerprint readers.
  • Suprema fingerprint readers.

If you require any further information, please contact our sales department.