SSR-221: Take-on Reader (USB)

This is a proximity reader that connects to the PC using a USB data cable. It simulates a keyboard so that a tag presented at the reader will 'type' the number into whatever application is currently open.

It can read various transponder cards at the industry standard frequency of 125kHz, including Hitag 1, Hitag 2 and EM4102. A blue LED flashes when idle, and a green LED on a successful card read. It also has a Piezo buzzer to indicate a successful card read. This reader has been designed to be used as a take-on reader for the SACS range of access control software packages, but could be used in any application that can accept keyboard input.

The reader housing is an attractive yet robust ABS plastic container. Reader electronics are sealed in epoxy.

Key Features

  • USB data cable.
  • High-bright, tri-colour LED.
  • Industry standard 125khz operational frequency.
  • Reads Hitag 1, Hitag 2, EM4102 card technologies.
  • Weather resistant housing (IP54 rating).
  • Potted with a durable and waterproof compound.
  • In-circuit programming for easy product updates.
  • Optional bitmasking for limiting card number length to 16, 24 or 32 bits.

Also available in a SSR-225: Take-on Reader with CDC Firmware (USB)

This is a virtual COM port reader that connects via USB to different applications that require COM port communication in stead of the standard HID take-on reader.

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