SSR-201: RS-485 Proximity Card Reader

This is a new design proximity reader that can connect using RS-485. It can read various transponder cards at the industry standard frequency of 125kHz, including Hitag 1, Hitag 2 and EM4102. It includes a tri-color LED for indication of the scanner status, and a Piezo buzzer to indicate a successful card read. The buzzer sounds in different ways when access is allowed or denied at the reader. This reader has been designed to be connected to a SDC-550 multiple door controller, a SDC-520 Ethernet controller, a SDC-220 Two door Ethernet controller, or a SEB-720/SEB-722 remote IO expansion board.

The reader housing is an attractive yet robust ABS plastic container. The housing makes use of a clip and screw closing mechanism, so the only screw visible is out of plain view on the underneath of the reader.

Quickstart guide SSR-201


Key Features

  • High-bright, Tri-colour LED
  • Audible buzzer with different allow and deny sounds
  • Industry standard 125khz operational frequency
  • Reads Hitag1, Hitag2, EM4102 card technologies
  • In-circuit programming for easy product updates
  • Rotary coded address switch for easy addressing
  • Configurable bitmasking for limiting card number length to 16, 24 or 32 bits


The original design reader is still available on request for existing system extensions.
Also available in a SSR-203: 5 Volt Clock and Data Reader - Operates on 5 Volts and emulates a magstrip track reader.

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