SDC-220 Two door Ethernet controller

This is an intelligent Ethernet (TCP/IP) system controller with two relay outputs (potential free contact/powered output) and four programmable digital inputs capable of controlling two full normal doors, a bi-directional turnstile or a booth/mantrap onboard. It can handle up to 4 readers on the two onboard Wiegand interface connections and multi-drop RS-485 reader network. The unit comes with a 15Vdc 5A power supply with a battery backup of 7Ah and is mounted in a secure enclosure with a lockable door.

Quickstart Guide SDC - 220

Key Features

  • Offline operation; intelligence at door controller.
  • On-board TCP/IP communications.
  • Secure enclosure designed for easy installation.
  • 15Vdc 5A power supply + 7AHr battery backup included.
  • Mains monitoring with a battery charging circuit and a low voltage cutoff.
  • 2 onboard Wiegand interface connections.
  • RS-485 communications for additional readers.
  • 4 programmable digital inputs.
  • 2 programmable relay outputs (powered or potential free).
  • 100,000+ transactions.
  • 1,000 cardholders.
  • Pushbutton or egress override support.
  • 256 powerful offline event / action combinations.
  • Network-capable programming for easy product updates.
  • Diagnostic LEDs for easy testing.
  • Independent dedicated tamper and fire inputs.


This unit is designed to suit smaller installations and does not support features like multi-dropped controllers, expansion boards or events across controllers.

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