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OSDP Mifare Card Reader

Product Code: SSR-204

Key Features

  • RSupports Wiegand and OSDP protocol
  • RSupports reading EM card (Frequency: 125 KHz)
  • RSupports reading Mifare card (Frequency: 13.56 MHz).
  • RReads Desfire & Felica cards
  • RAttractive LED status indication
  • RBuilt-in buzzer for status indication

About the product

The SSR-204 OSDP Mifare Card Reader is designed to support Mifare technology, which is a widely used contactless smart card technology that provides secure and reliable access control. With Mifare capabilities, the SSR-204 reader is able to read and authenticate Mifare cards, which have a high level of security due to their built-in encryption and authentication mechanisms.

The reader supports various Mifare cards, including Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, and Mifare Ultralight, enabling it to be used in a wide range of access control applications.

The reader employs a Wiegand interface, enabling it to transmit data seamlessly to the SACS access control system, and supports OSDP communication for extended distance transmission.

Furthermore, the reader is easy to install and use, with simple configuration options using the SACS software interface.

With the SSR-204 reader, you can enhance security and access control for your premises, while providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for your employees or visitors.

Its sleek and modern design enhances the aesthetic appeal of any building.


We have designed this cutting-edge reader to be seamlessly connected to our range of top-of-the-line controllers, including the SDC-650 Multiple Door Controller, the SDC-620 Wiegand Door Controller, and the SDC-320 Wiegand Two Door Controller. In addition, it can be connected to the SEB-722 remote IO expansion board


When a user presents their access card or tag at the reader, the reader transmits the card or tag number to the door controller for analysis based on predetermined access rules. The controller then determines the access permission, which is subsequently conveyed to the reader. The reader, in turn, provides the appropriate feedback to the user through the use of LED and Buzzer signals, reflecting the determined access permission status.

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