Wiegand (Legacy 3rd party devices like Biometric or card


Serial communications (Barcode scanners etc.)



RS-485 Saflec Systems proprietary protocol

USB Keyboard interface

This converter board is able to convert between various standards. It can be
used to replace the Wiegand to RS-485 convertor board (SSI-301-W) to convert
legacy 3rd party Wiegand devices to the protocol used by Saflec Systems’ SDC
controllers, but also can function as a barcode scanner to USB keyboard
interface or convert legacy 3rd party Wiegand devices to the new secure OSDP
for other purposes!

The board is isolated specifically to protect the controller network from
the issues that can arise from 3rd party devices using their own power
supplies, however it can also be used in power pass-through mode.

Key Features

* Essential for converting Wiegand data into the RS-485 used by the
SDC based door controllers or the SEB-7xx Remote IO boards.
* Small, space saving board for unobtrusive installation behind a
device, or within the controller cabinet.
* In-circuit programming for easy product updates.
* LED display for easy addressing.
* Requires 12Vdc power source.

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