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Get to know Saflec Systems range of locally manufactured controllers

Door controllers play an important role in any access control security solution. For schools and universities, healthcare facilities, mining and industrial sectors and banking and insurance institutions, they provide a way to manage access to sensitive areas.

How Saflec Systems door controllers work

Our hardware doesn't require any interface cards in the computers and our main communication is done on Ethernet connections. We have combined the typical topology of having a master controller and door controllers into one. That makes our controllers intelligent as decision making is done on the door controller level.

The benefits of using Saflec Systems’ door controllers

Access control information is downloaded to the controllers, making the system more reliable as it does not depend on external factors such as operating systems, computers or networks.

Every controller can be linked on an RS-485 device network that can have up to 16 controllers. RS-485 is an easy and secure way of connecting multiple controllers and allows for long cable runs.

An entire system can have many device networks, which means that the system can essentially be as large as necessary, limited only by the server and network capabilities.

A proven success

One of our larger systems to date consists of more than 200 device networks, 500 controllers and 4000 access points spread across the whole of South Africa, but centrally managed.

Discover the features and functions of our most popular controllers by clicking on the images below, or contact our sales department for more information.


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