The Importance and Benefits of Biometric Readers

The Importance and Benefits of Biometric Readers

Keeping abreast with an ever evolving and ever expanding world goes hand in hand with the need to secure it.  With a world becoming more and more technology driven, companies and people need to adapt and secure their property with proper technological equipment – biometric authentication.  Known as a biometric reader, it uses the automatic identification of individuals, reading their unique behavioural and physiological characteristics such as irises, fingerprints and gaits.  This evolved, up-to-date security measure has the following benefits:


1.Accurate Identification


As opposed to more traditional forms of security, biometric authentication provides a higher and more accurate level of security. With the use of biometric readers, such as finger print and iris scanners, a unique form of identification is provided – a feature which would be very difficult to duplicate. This would mean that no one except the authorised person, would have access to whatever is being guarded.




Biometric readers provide for biometric log-ins, thereby creating a distinct and lucid audit trail by means of which someone can be connected to a particular event or action. In the event of a security breach, a person can be held accountable as one would definitely know who the responsible party is.


3.Time Saving


We are constantly reminded that time is money. Businesses especially understand this crucial concept. Security is vital, but losing time to lock 10 different locks and chains around each door so as to protect those very precious valuables, can be tedious and end up costing you. Biometric readers is quick, simple and easy to use! Not only is time not wasted on traditional methods, but extra time is saved, thereby increasing work productivity and company revenue.


4.Increased Security


This long term security solution is safe and secure and provides a more advanced degree of security in comparison with traditional security methods. As it cannot get stolen and the readers cannot be guessed or used by anyone else other than the authorised person, biometric authentication systems protect valuables whilst protecting itself.


5.Increased Convenience


Biometric authentication is a simple and convenient solution to your security needs. Passwords get forgotten, cards and ID badges get lost – a traditional security hassle that would much rather be avoided by employers and employees. Switching to biometric readers means conforming to new technology and leaving all those unnecessary nuisances behind.


6.Return on Investment


Biometric authentication doesn’t only provide an excellent and modern form of security for your costly articles, it is an investment from which you will definitely earn returns. Through the use of this updated technology, fraud, and the ‘buddy punching’ system, is avoided, and other costs such as payroll costs are lowered. Biometrics also eliminates “ghost employees” as it is able to assess fingerprints and software, and thereby recognize when duplicate fingerprints have been created.    Moreover, due to the ease of use of biometric readers, and its accuracy, productivity in the workplace is increased, management time decreased, and work hours can now be effectively calculated – all contributing factors which increase a company’s return on investment.


Biometric authentication is of great importance and has exceptional benefits in the world that we live in. Take a step towards safety; Call Saflec Systems today for your biometrics and security needs.