SEB-721: Remote I/O RF Door Expansion Board

This device is an RF receiver with Input and Output capabilities. Uses code-hopping 433MHz RF remotes with up to 4 buttons, and allows each button to perform a different function. It has 2 relay outputs (potential free contact/powered output) and 4 programmable digital inputs.

This unit offers the flexibility of using a remote control as opposed to a proximity card or biometric reader with the benefit of operating it from inside a vehicle. This solution is great for access points where automatic vehicle traffic barriers are used without adequate weather protection.

The remotes are allocated to the user in the same fashion as a normal RF tag or biometric template in SACS. The remotes are managed from a central point (SACS, PA or EA) making the usual access levels like scheduling, anti-passback and zone control available. All transactions are recorded unlike normal gate remotes where no transaction is logged.

Supports up to 30 000 or more remotes* (system controller dependent)

Controls up to 4 access points (1- 4 buttons & 2 additional outputs on the system controller)

*Increased capacity as per the SDC-650 system controller.

Quickstart guide SEB-721

Key Features

  • On-board RF receiver.
  • Can utilise up to 4 buttons.
  • Transmitters can be uniquely linked to an individual.
  • Robust system for parking areas.
  • 16 units can be connected per door controller.
  • Robust RS-485 controller communication.
  • 4 Digital Inputs.
  • 2 Relay Outputs (Potential free/Powered output).
  • Rotary coded address switch for easy addressing.


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