SEB-710: I/O Expansion Board for SDC-550

It expands the Input and Output capabilities of the SDC-550 Multiple Door Controller by adding 8 inputs and 16 outputs or 16 inputs and 8 outputs.

It connects directly to the controller through the expansion ports on the controller. It has 8 relay outputs (potential free contact/powered output), 8 programmable digital inputs and 8 multi-purpose I/O points. The multi-purpose I/O points can be assigned as 8 additional inputs, OR 8 additional outputs. When configured as an output, they are potential free contacts. When wired through a relay, they can be used to drive a higher current device (like a magnetic lock), alternatively they can switch LEDs on mimic panels or other low-current devices.

 Quickstart Guide SEB-710

Key Features

  • Extends the I/O capabilities of the SDC-550 Multiple Door Controller.
  • 8 relay outputs (either powered or potential free contacts).
  • 8 Programmable digital inputs.
  • 8 Multi-purpose I/O points (either Inputs or Outputs).

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