The advantages of OSDP

The advantages of OSDP

The Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is a communication standard and device-to-controller protocol.

Apart from the quality interoperability that OSDP provides, OSPD has superseded the Wiegand technology and standard. Although Wiegand has served companies well in the past, it is no longer able to provide as effectively for those companies that require highly operable, secure access control systems.Moreover, OSDP has proved to have quality, highly regarded advantages that put OSDP above Wiegand.


1.OSDP prevents vendor lock-in

Previously, manufacturers would determine the identification device suitable for their system, confining the company to single vendor. Interoperability amid different security devices offers the advantage of not being confined to a single vendor effectively breaking this restraint. Companies are now able to choose any OSDP-compatible device along with an access control system that supports OSDP and can be assured that the system will work properly.


2.OSDP is easier to install

The primary function of this protocol standard is to allow security equipment like biometric, proximity or barcode readers designed by one manufacturer to be connected with the control panels and equipment from another manufacturer with relative ease.

OSDP also provides easier installation as the identification device typically transmits information to the access control system using RS-485 through a single cable pair. This provides the option for a single controller to connect to multiple devices from various manufacturers on a single pair cable!

When compared to Wiegand, which would require anything from 4 cores to as much as 6 cores on a one-to-one basis and only over short distances, this is a lot more effective for installation!


3.There is greater functionality in OSDP

Before OSDP, red and green LED lights were commonly used by the access control readers to indicate access allowed or denied. The problem, however, came about in that the cardholder was not aware why they were denied entry. OSDP provides functions where audible and visual feedback can be displayed. If capable, the device can therefore display text, flash different coloured lights, or provide different audible beep sequences as feedback to the cardholder to portray a better picture of what is happening. Functionality can now be enhanced by using OSDP to prompt the cardholder to enter a PIN or fingerprint for biometric verification.


4.OSDP has proactive monitoring and management

OSDP allows the system to proactively monitor and manage the status of devices and reports errors, like circuit tampering or devices that are disconnected. This allows the system to take control before a problem has the opportunity to become a serious situation. This feedback system helps security teams to diagnose errors quicker which translates into lower costs for the security company.


5.OSDP has increased security

In contrast to the Wiegand security systems, OSDP offers an immensely vigorous communication security that meticulously transmits data using a cyclic redundancy check which ensures that the data sent or received is accurate. When paired with the AES 128 Bit (FIPS 197 Standard) encryption algorithm the data is known to be accurate, secure and untampered with, thereby ensuring a secure channel between itself and the device to protect its data and prevent other data from being transmitted. OSDP therefore serves security systems better as it heightens security and interoperability and enhances functionality.


Wiegand was the foundation and the prototype of traditional secure access systems in the 1980s and it was good. So was the typewriter!

The fact of the matter is that security needs are ever advancing and so is the technology that complements it. OSDP is an excellent choice for companies that require highly operable, secure access control systems. Moreover, it has an abundance of advantages that help security, access control systems and companies move forward.

Saflec Systems is ensuring that all of our latest hardware, software and 3rd party integration supports OSDP and encryption technologies all the way from the database to the identification device. They have also just released a convertor board that allows even old technology Wiegand devices to be converted into OSDP.

Saflec Systems and their flagship SACS product is well positioned to be one of the most secure access control system providers on the market!

Trade-in and trade-up with Saflec’s early Christmas promotion

Trade-in and trade-up with Saflec’s early Christmas promotion

Saflec Systems is offering you the opportunity to trade-in your old card printer for a new one with a substantial discount. This is your chance to boost productivity, cut down on printing costs and reduce your impact on the environment.


Need a new printer? Save with these specials.

If you’re in the market for a new card printer, look no further. We’ve slashed prices on Datacard’s SD260 Simplex and SD360 Duplex models. Datacard is known for their compact and cost-efficient range of card printers.


These promotions run from 8 November – 8 December 2017 or while stocks last. Don’t hesitate to contact Saflec Systems to take advantage of these incredible offers.

Saflec Systems SD-260 Trade-In Promotion
Saflec Systems SD360 Printer Trade-In Promotion
Saflec Systems SD-460 Trade-In Promotion
Saflec Systems SD260 Printer Special
Saflec Systems SD360 Printer Special

Congratulations to our latest batch of accredited Saflec Systems installers

Congratulations to our latest batch of accredited Saflec Systems installers

Last month, we hosted an Installer Training session in our brand new training room at our sales office on Ontdekkers Road. We were joined by two new trainees:

  • Michael Booyse: Infrastructure Manager for Avada Computer Technologies
  • Peter Dreyer: Service Small Works Manager for SFP Security & Fire

Our trainees spent three days wiring up a variety of products and configuring software to create a fully functioning access security control system. Our trainer course consists of three modules: Hardware Level 1 and 2, Software Level 1 and Software Level 2. Being able to simulate a live system allows them to put the theory into practice.

Students also gain insight into our proprietary access security software (SACS) and our range of locally manufactured door controllers and proximity readers.

In addition to the practical training, our students conclude their training session with a written exam. We’re thrilled to announce that both Michael and Peter passed with flying colours and were awarded certificates.

Peter Dreyer: Service Small Works Manager for SFP Security & Fire

Peter Dreyer: Service Small Works Manager for SFP Security & Fire

Michael Booyse: Infrastructure Manager for Avada Computer Technologies

Michael Booyse: Infrastructure Manager for Avada Computer Technologies

The benefits of training

Investing in your employees by offering them the opportunity to study further makes business sense. As they learn more and upgrade their skills, they add value to your company. It may take some time to see a return on your investment, but the long-term gains associated with employee training are well worth the money spent.

The cost of a short training programme is negligible when compared to the benefits of having qualified and productive staff that can help your company succeed.

Saflec Systems Refresher Course

In addition to our Installer Training programme, Saflec Systems also offers a Refresher Course. This course covers the installation and configuration of our SACS Version 3 software and a re-cap of the hardware. It is aimed at students who have completed the Installer Training programme and simply need to refresh their knowledge.

For more information on our training courses, or to check course dates and times, please email

Time to finally break away from the Wiegand format?

Time to finally break away from the Wiegand format?

Time to finally break away from the Wiegand format?

By Barend Keyser

The Wiegand interface, which rose to popularity in the 1980s, has long been accepted by the access control industry as the de facto wiring standard for interfacing between access controllers and various card or biometric readers.

As usual, the longer a technology is around, the more methods of exploiting its flaws will be found. Wiegand devices by their very nature tend to be unsupervised devices which can mean that they are the perfect attack targets for entry into secure areas – be it parliamentary buildings, airports, schools or other highly sensitive points.

The devices that are used for identifying the person attempting to attain access vary from extremely advanced (and expensive) retina, fingerprint or facial scanners through to proximity cards wielding the latest in secure storage and encrypted communication protocols. This information is then sent across insecure wires to a controller that also communicates using the latest in security.

Micro sensors that are put in place to ensure that the devices are not tampered with are ironically often disabled to make for easier servicing, do not have any method of feeding the alarm state back to a security centre, or only disable the device itself when active.

A Google search for the term ‘Hacking Wiegand Protocol’ will reveal many attacks that can be used against access control systems that employ this wiring system, including man-in-the-middle attacks whereby the CEO’s access control identification can be captured and replayed at a later point – this using a bottom-of-the-line and cheapest microcontroller with some fairly simple firmware.

There are various other issues that present themselves; including wiring length, number of wiring cores required to service the full interface, lack of encryption, overlap of card numbers and mostly unidirectional capabilities.

The access controllers or devices that use this wiring standard are not to blame for the on-going use and proliferation of this protocol as it has been used in the industry for so long that it has become ‘part of the furniture’ and accepted as the most common method for interconnectivity.

Tackling all of these challenges and allowing different devices and systems to communicate with each other seamlessly is a fairly complex task which has been taken on by the Security Industry Association (SIA). The protocol that has emerged is called OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol).

OSDP has been developed to communicate over two data lines and one earth line which makes it the perfect fit for RS-485 multi-drop communications, however it can also be extended to communicate over TCP/IP. Encryption has been built into the protocol, along with checksums for ensuring data integrity and monitoring capabilities to be able to tell when a device is damaged, offline or being tampered with.

As the access control industry starts to implement this protocol and the standard becomes more accepted there will be more and more devices that support OSDP and less that will implement Wiegand.

As a company, Saflec Systems has decided to start the migration process and has partnered with a number of companies, including Virdi (a popular biometrics provider) and HID to ensure that its solution is on the forefront of this OSDP revolution.

The new SDC-6xx controller range will support the OSDP protocol, and the new display reader soon to be released will also incorporate the protocol.

As the popular idiom goes – “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. It’s time to stop relying on this particular link.

Get to know Saflec Systems’ SDC-650 Multiple Door Controller

Get to know Saflec Systems’ SDC-650 Multiple Door Controller
Safsys SDC-650 Door Controller

With 15 years of experience in developing access control solutions, Saflec Systems never stops innovating. If you want proof, you don’t need to look much further than our SDC-650 door controller. The SDC-650 replaces the SDC-550 and brings with it a host of new features and functionalities.

The SDC-650 can control up to eight doors and you can link up to 16 SDC door controllers using a protected RS-485 network. Your PC can connect to it using RS-232, the built-in Ethernet connector or through the RS-485 network via another controller.

What’s new?

Some of the SDC-650’s most noticeable features include:

  • On-board TCP/IP and RS-232 connectivity.
  • Micro SD for increased capacities, allowing you to store 1 000 000 tags, 250 000 tags holders, more than 6 million access logs and 3 million system logs, and 256 powerful offline event/action combinations.
  • Dedicated Fire and Tamper inputs.
  • OLED control module for easy setup and local diagnostics.
  • OSDP secure channel compatibility.
Saflec Systems SDC-650 Mulitple Door Controller

An innovative, solid and powerful door controller

Of particular interest to installers is the configuration panel. With its OLED screen, and five control buttons, you can easily change pages or move to another field when configuring the controller. It also has a screen-saving mode; tapping any button will bring the screen to life and allow you to configure the device.


Communication with other controllers takes place via a robust, multi-drop RS-485 communications network. Each controller on the network must be assigned a unique address for identification and communications, but this is easily programmed thanks to the aforementioned OLED control module. 


The unit comes with a 12Vdc 5A power supply and a battery backup of 7Ah, all mounted in a lockable case, making this a sturdy but flexible piece of hardware.

SDC-650 Sample Configuration Diagram

Saflec Systems SDC-650 Mulitple Door Controller Flow Diagram
For more information about the SDC-650 door controller or any of our access control and identification products, get in touch with one of our sales representatives or email They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have and help you to design your ideal security system.

A proudly South African Access Control Manufacturer

A proudly South African Access Control Manufacturer

Get to know Saflec Systems range of locally manufactured controllers

Door controllers play an important role in any access control security solution. For schools and universities, healthcare facilities, mining and industrial sectors and banking and insurance institutions, they provide a way to manage access to sensitive areas.

How Saflec Systems door controllers work

Our hardware doesn't require any interface cards in the computers and our main communication is done on Ethernet connections. We have combined the typical topology of having a master controller and door controllers into one. That makes our controllers intelligent as decision making is done on the door controller level.

The benefits of using Saflec Systems’ door controllers

Access control information is downloaded to the controllers, making the system more reliable as it does not depend on external factors such as operating systems, computers or networks.

Every controller can be linked on an RS-485 device network that can have up to 16 controllers. RS-485 is an easy and secure way of connecting multiple controllers and allows for long cable runs.

An entire system can have many device networks, which means that the system can essentially be as large as necessary, limited only by the server and network capabilities.

A proven success

One of our larger systems to date consists of more than 200 device networks, 500 controllers and 4000 access points spread across the whole of South Africa, but centrally managed.

Discover the features and functions of our most popular controllers by clicking on the images below, or contact our sales department for more information.


SACS Version 3 Released: New software for your security system

SACS Version 3 Released: New software for your security system

Saflec Systems has recently released Version 3 of our SACS Standard Edition, SACS Professional Edition, SACS Corporate Edition, SACS Client Edition, SACS Estate Assistant and SACS Personnel Assistant to the market.

All development or integration on the SACS Version 2 editions has been stopped because the SACS Version 2 editions were developed in C++ / Visual Basic and the new SACS Version 3 is developed in Dot Net. SACS Version 2 will only be supported until the end of the second quarter of 2018.

We recommend that you upgrade your software during this period. There will be a once off upgrade cost to upgrade from SACS Version 2 to SACS Version 3. The upgrade costs are listed in the latest SACS Retail Price List. All Version 2 applications that were bought in 2017 will be upgraded at no additional cost.


SACS Version 3 Added Functionalities

In addition to the new look and design, the new SACS interface is scalable which allows you to design the dialogs according to what you want to see, either on a single monitor or multiple monitors.


SACS Standard Edition Version 3

  • Improved user interface
  • Database status
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Tag holder and Vehicle management
  • Automatic database upgrade
  • User password lockout
  • Password reset instead if super user login

SACS Professional Edition Version 3

  • Improved user interface
  • Database status
  • Breathalyzer control
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Biometric User Login
  • User password lockout
  • Improved user interface
  • Tag holder and Vehicle management
  • Automatic database upgrade
  • Password reset instead if super user login
  • Improved plugin for biometric integration

SACS Corporate Edition Version 3

  • Improved user interface
  • Database status
  • Visitor / Vehicle hosting (6 Series controllers required)
  • Breathalyzer control
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Biometric User Login
  • User password lockout
  • Tag holder and Vehicle management
  • Automatic database upgrade
  • Password reset instead if super user login
  • Improved plugin for 3rd party integration

SACS Personal Assistant and SACS Estate Manager Version 3

  • Improved user interface
  • Database status
  • Tag holder and Vehicle management
  • Driver license and vehicle license management. (Separate Module for PA and EA)
  • Visitor self-help enrolment module for SACS PA whereby the visitor can either enrol their finger or receive a pin to access the premises.
  • Biometric User Login
  • User password lockout

Integration available in SACS Version 3

  • CCTV integration.
  • Fire integration
  • Intrusion integration
  • Virdi’s new “Plus” range of biometric hardware is integrated and requires the latest Virdi Plugin for SACS Version 2. The latest plugin is part of the SACS Version 3 installs.
  • Morpho’s new biometric Sigma range is also integrated and requires the latest Morpho plugin for SACS Version 2. The latest plugin is part of the SACS Version 3 installs. This plugin also requires the correct Ident and Verif licenses. Please confirm with our support department if you are not sure what licenses you require when you add new Sigma readers to your existing system. All Windows 64 bit operating systems requires the Verif license for the MSO enrolment reader. This includes SACS Version 2 and SACS Version 3 installs.
  • HID Mobile Access Portal for Mobile access control with NFC and Bluetooth technology. Employee and Visitor management options available.
  • Configurable reader protocols on controllers.
  • Salto wireless door locks

CMI (Communications Manager Interface) Version 3

  • Improved user interface
  • User login required to perform tasks
  • Controller diagnostics are not hidden
  • Single window view provides an overview of the entire system
  • Quick filtering
  • Site association

All legacy series 2 and series 5 controllers will be compatible with the new Version 3 software. Some of the new Version 3 features will not be available in the legacy 5 series controllers (EOL 2015).

Installer / Operator Refresher Courses

Did you know that we offer an Installer / Operator refresher course on a weekly basis? This will assist your staff or your client’s system administrators in getting more familiar with the new look and design. Please contact Saflec Systems on for more training information.

You can also follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more regular product updates.

Saflec Systems at the HID Partner Solutions Seminar

Saflec Systems at the HID Partner Solutions Seminar

Allen Coetzee and Barend Keyser from Saflec Systems attended the recent HID Partner Solutions Seminar that took place at the Hyatt Hotel and Conference Centre in Rosebank on 4 July 2017.

Go Mobile with Confidence – HID Mobile Access

Convenient, smart and secure.

Imagine a world where access fits in the palm of your hand.

HID Mobile Access can be found in a variety of products offering mobile connectivity. The same device you use to open gates and doors, can allow you to log onto the network, open electronic locks and securely release documents from your printer. You can also use this same device for time and attendance, to get a snack from the vending machine or access the electronic vehicle charging station. HID Mobile Access is connecting the environment like never before.

IT security and facility management can now move toward consolidated access programs. The efficiency and potential cost savings gained through centralised access management is becoming more attractive to organisations as they are asked to do more with less. HID Mobile Access is leading the way with mobile solutions that support the needs of today’s organization in a mobile first world.

Saflec Systems at the HID Partner Solutions Seminar
From left to right: Robbie Truter, Regional Sales Manager HID Global, PACS, Jaroslav Barton, Security Solutions HID Global, Allen Coetzee, Saflec Systems Sales Executive, Barend Keyser, Senior Sales Manager.

Upgrade your access control and identity with Saflec Systems latest products

Upgrade your access control and identity with Saflec Systems latest products

Why battle with outdated technology when Saflec Systems has a whole new range of up-to-date hardware and software to ensure your security system remains reliable and effective. Some of the latest products we now offer include:


High calibre ID Card Printers


Fargo is a trusted brand of ID card printers with a range that aims to provide end users with a cost-effective, straightforward card printing solution. These printers are easy to install and use and offer excellent value for money.


These are compact, versatile printers that offer photo-realistic quality prints. They are the ideal solution for customers seeking a flexible printer with superb print capability and a excellent output capacity.


No matter what your ID card printing requirements are, Magicard has a solution. From a simple, single side manual feed printer right up to a heavy duty, dual side card printer, Magicard printers provide exceptional quality at an affordable price.


A Full Range of Cards and Card Accessories


In an effort to provide you with a full-service ID card printing solution, Saflec Systems has included a new range of accessories such as PVC card holders, clips and lanyards (including pre-printed lanyards). With these accessories you can customise your ID cards to match your branding and enhance your image as a professional and established business.


Saflec Systems now also offers a wide range of cards and accessories including:


  • 1K Mifare Cards
  • 125KHZ Proximity Cards
  • Saflec Proximity Tags
  • Custom Loyalty / Membership pre-printed cards
  • PVC plain and coloured cards
  • Complete hardware and HID access control solutions
  • HID I Class, Isoprox II and Clamshell pre-encoded cards for each individual site


With so much more to offer you, Saflec Systems aims to become your one-stop access security control supplier. You also benefit from our professional and knowledgeable sales and support staff.


Contact Saflec Systems today to discuss your access control and identity requirements and we’ll help you find the ideal complete solution.


Saflec New Products Printers and Card Accessories

Unveiling our new user-friendly website

Unveiling our new user-friendly website

We’re thrilled to announce that our website has been upgraded to provide you with a convenient, user-friendly way to view our products and services and get in touch with our sales team.


As a leader in the access security industry, Saflec Systems makes a point of keeping up with the latest developments in technology. The focus has always been on providing you with the best products and service.

Now, that philosophy has been applied to our website and a number of improvements have been made, including:


  • New Home Page banners

To give you a taste of all the exciting new products Saflec Systems has to offer, we replaced the banner on our Home Page.


  • User-friendly navigation

You’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for with drop down menus that display all of our products and services immediately.


  • Professional product pages

All of the products in a category are displayed with links where you can learn more about them. A handy side-bar is included to help you move seamlessly between different categories.


  • Contact details and team members

A simplified Contact Us page makes it easier for you to get in touch with Saflec Systems, whether you need a quote or directions to our offices.


Take a look at our new Meet the Team page and get to know the face behind the voice on the phone. Our staff do clean up nicely!


  • Industry and Product News

Now you’ll always be up-to-date with our new blog featuring the latest industry news and showcasing Saflec Systems latest products, promotions and training news.


Tell us what you think

Our aim with this website refresh is to provide you, our customer, with a smooth and informative online experience. You should find our new website simple and easy to use, with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your access security requirements.


The only way we’ll know if we got it right is if you tell us. Please spend some time looking around (we have some exciting new products) and let us know if you think anything could be added or improved. Send your thoughts to


Saflec Systems New Website Blog Post